Commissioner of Education of the State of New York

The Commissioner of Education of the State of New York is the head of the State Education Department, chosen by the Board of Regents. The Commissioner also serves as the President of the University of the State of New York office. Generally, the Regents set policy while the Commissioner has responsibility for carrying out policy.[1]

List of CommissionersEdit

Andrew Sloan Draper 1904–1913 [2]
John Huston Finley 1913–1921
Frank Pierrepont Graves 1921–1940
Ernest E. Cole 1940–1942
George D. Stoddard 1942–1945
Francis T. Spaulding 1946–1950
Lewis A. Wilson 1950–1955
James Edward Allen, Jr. 1955–1969 [2]
Ewald Nyquist 1969–1976
Gordon M. Ambach 1976–1986
Thomas Sobol 1987–1995
Richard Paul Mills 1995–2009
David Miller Steiner 2009–2011
John King, Jr. 2011–2014
MaryEllen Elia 2015–2019


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