Commander of the Papua New Guinea Defence Force

The Commander of the Papua New Guinea Defence Force is the highest-ranking military officer of in the Papua New Guinea Defence Force, who is responsible for maintaining the operational command of the military.[1] The current commander is Brigadier general Gilbert Toropo.[2]

Commander of the Papua New Guinea Defence Force
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Emblem of the Defence Force
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Major General Gilbert Toropo

since 31 January 2014
Ministry of Defence
Member ofPapua New Guinea Defence Force
Reports toThe Honourable Fabian Pok, Minister of Defence
AppointerGovernor-General of Papua New Guinea
First holderTed Diro

List of CommandersEdit

No. Commander Took office Left office Time in office Ref
1Diro, TedBrigadier general
Ted Diro
(born 1943)
197519815–6 years[3][4][5]
2Mamae, GagoBrigadier general
Gago Mamae
198119831–2 years[6]
3Noga, KenBrigadier general
Ken Noga
198319851–2 years[6]
4Huai, TonyBrigadier general
Tony Huai
198519871–2 years[7]
5Lokinap, RochusBrigadier general
Rochus Lokinap
1987November 19924–5 years[8]
6Dademo, RobertBrigadier general
Robert Dademo
November 1992??[8]
(4)Huai, TonyBrigadier general
Tony Huai
7Singirok, JerryBrigadier general
Jerry Singirok
(born 1956)
199517 March 19971–2 years[9]
-Aikung, AlfredColonel
Alfred Aikung
17 March 199719970 years[9]
8Nuia, LeoBrigadier general
Leo Nuia
199719980–1 years[10]
(7)Singirok, JerryBrigadier general
Jerry Singirok
(born 1956)
199819990–1 years[11]
9Malpo, CarlBrigadier general
Carl Malpo
10Ilau, PeterCommodore
Peter Ilau
(born 1959)
-Agwi, FrancisBrigadier general
Francis Agwi
(born 1963)
201020100 years[11]
11Agwi, FrancisBrigadier general
Francis Agwi
(born 1963)
2010December 20132–3 years[13][14]
12Toropo, GilbertMajor General
Gilbert Toropo
31 January 2014Incumbent7 years[2]

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