Come On Over (TV series)

Come on Over is a children's television series produced by the Grand Rapids Children's Museum in association with Enthusiastic Productions. The series was created by Joel Schoon Tanis,[1] and is executive produced by Tanis, Patrick W. Ziegler, and Teresa L. Thome of the Museum. The mission of the show is to "inspire creativity and imagination in children".[citation needed]

The program is filmed in the state-of-the-art TV studio of the Martha Miller Center at Hope College in Holland, Michigan. It premiered in Grand Rapids, Michigan on ABC affiliate, WOTV, in fall 2006. Twelve episodes have been produced to date.

The show also features the tunes of Pint Size Music, former members of the Holland band, The Voice, such as Chad Dykema and Paul Chamness. To date, the show has won twelve regional Emmy awards.[2]

It was Also Broadcast on the Australian Christian Channel in Australia.

Featured actorsEdit

  • Joel Schoon Tanis as Joel
  • Brandy McClendon as Brandy
  • Jean Reed Bahle as Grandma Zippy
  • Chip Duford as Mr. Flabbinjaw
  • Lisa Buckley as Hedge
  • Greg Rogers as Random Guy
  • Fred Stella as Brandy's Dad
  • Edye Evans Hyde as Ms. Lucy
  • Michael Ziegler as Laticia
  • Hector the dog

Guest appearancesEdit


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