Combat Fleets of the World

Flottes de combat , translated as Combat Fleets of the World, is an almanac and a reference book of information of the world's warships arranged by nation, including information on ships' names, dimensions, armaments, silhouettes, photographs, etc.[1] It is published in French and English. Its editions cover the warships used by national naval and paramilitary forces, and provide data on their characteristics.

Combat Fleets of the World
Diagrams of Abdel Kadir from the 1904 edition
Author(in French) Bernard Prézelin (in English) Eric Wertheim
LanguageEnglish / French
GenreMaritime almanac
PublisherÉditions maritimes & d’outre-mer, Ouest-France
Publication date
From 1897 every two years
Published in English
From 1977
ISBN978-1591149545 (in English)
ISBN 2737350212 (in French)

The original French edition was started by Commandant de Balincourt in 1897.[2] The current publisher is Éditions maritimes & d’outre-mer of Rennes, a subsidiary of Ouest-France. The English version, known as Combat Fleets of the World, has been published by Naval Institute Press in Annapolis (United States) since 1977. The latest English edition was the 16th edition in 2012. Both versions are published every two years.


French issueEdit

Start date End Name
1897 1928 Commandant de Balincourt
1928 1943 Commandant Vincent-Bréchignac
1943 1974 Henri Le Masson
1974 1988 Jean Labayle-Couhat
1988 2016 Commandant Bernard Prézelin
2018 Stéphane Gallois and Alexandre Sheldon-Duplaix

English issueEdit

Start date End Name
1977 2002 A. D. Baker III
2002 Eric Wertheim

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