Colwell Brickenden

Colwell Brickenden (1663 - 1714) was a Clergyman and Master of Pembroke College, Oxford.

Colwell Brickenden
Photograph of stained glass with the name of Henry Langley engraved.jpg
Stained glass in the Grundy Library, Abingdon School (by C.E Kempe). The name of Brickenden appears as an Old Abingdonian who became a master of an Oxford college.
23 August 1714


He was educated at John Roysse's Free School in Abingdon. (now Abingdon School) from 1675-1680.[1] He earned a B.A (1684/5) and M.A (1687) at Pembroke. B.D. & Doctor of Divinity (D.D.) 1710.


He resided at Clawton Manor in 1690 where he was rector. Also rector of Inkpen and inherited the Titcomb Estate in Kintbury following the death of his elder brother. He rebuilt the rectory and built Inkpen House in c.1695.[2] He obtained a prebend of Gloucester.

Brickenden became Master of Pembroke in 1710 after defeating a second candidate called William Hunt.[3] The close relationship between Abingdon School and Pembroke College resulted in seven Old Abingdonians being appointed as consecutive masters at Pembroke between 1710 and 1843. They were Brickenden 1710-1714; Matthew Panting, 1714-1738; John Ratcliffe, 1738-1775; William Adams, 1775-1789; William Sergrove 1789-1796; John Smyth, 1796-1809 and George William Hall, 1809-1843.[4]

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He had seven children, one of whom was Richard Brickenden.[2]

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