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Columbia Pike line

The Columbia Pike line, designated as Route 16A, Route 16C, or Route 16E, is a daily bus route operated by the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority between the neighborhoods of Annandale (16A) or Culmore (16C, 16E) and Pentagon station (16A, 16C) of the Yellow and Blue lines of the Washington Metro, Federal Triangle station (16C Rush Hour Only) of the Blue, Orange and Silver lines, or Franklin Square (16E). This line is part of the Pike Ride service, which runs through Columbia Pike. This line provides service to Annandale or Culmore and the Pentagon Transit Center, Federal Triangle or Franklin Square from the neighborhoods of Fairfax County and Arlington County. Alongside the neighborhoods, it also brings service through the marketplace, business, and offices through Columbia Pike.

16A, 16C, 16E
Columbia Pike line
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Columbia Pike Infill Penrose boarding Bus (7852064616).jpg
An unrehabbed 2006 Orion VII CNG running on the 16A in 2010
OperatorWashington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority
GarageFour Mile Run
StatusIn Service
Began service1921
Ended service16D: March 29, 2015
16B, 16J, & 16P: June 24, 2018
LocaleFairfax County
Arlington County
Northwest (Washington, D.C.) (16C Rush Hour Only)
Communities servedAnnandale, Lincolnia Culmore, Bailey's Crossroads, Columbia Forest, Arlington Mill, Barcroft, Arlington Heights, Penrose, Pentagon City
Landmarks servedUnited States Air Force Memorial, Pentagon City station, Pentagon station, National Mall, Federal Triangle, Franklin Square
StartAnnandale (16A)
Culmore (16C, 16E)
ViaColumbia Pike
EndPentagon station (16A, 16C)
Federal Triangle station (16C Rush Hour Only)
Franklin Square (16E)
Other routes16G, 16H, and 16Y
Frequency10-25 minutes (Rush Hour)
30 minutes (Midday and Weekday Evening Service)
30-35 minutes (Saturday)
30-60 minutes (Sunday)
Operates4:33 AM – 1:19 AM (Monday to Thursday)
4:33 AM – 3:49 AM (Fridays)
5:06 AM – 3:48 AM (Saturdays)
6:00 AM – 1:18 AM (Sundays)
TransfersSmarTrip only
TimetableColumbia Pike Line
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Route description and serviceEdit

The 16A, 16C, and 16E operate from Four Mile Run Division on different schedules. Route 16A operates daily between the neighborhood of Annandale and Pentagon station, through the entire Columbia Pike route. The 16A also runs through other neighborhoods in Columbia Pike, such as Lincolnia, Bailey's Crossroads, Barcroft, Arlington Heights, and Penrose. Route 16A serves limited stops in Arlington County, bringing faster service between Bailey's Crossroads and Pentagon station. Route 16C operates daily between the neighborhood of Culmore and Pentagon station. The 16C joins the route on Columbia Pike through the intersection of Leesburg Pike. Like route 16A, route 16C also serves limited stops in Arlington County, although select rush hour trips of the 16C extend through Washington D.C. up to Federal Triangle station. Route 16E is the only route that does not operate during the daytime. The 16E only operates during late nights daily and early mornings on Saturdays and Sundays. The 16E also starts on Culmore, where the 16C starts. Unlike routes 16A and 16C, route 16E serves all stops in Arlington County, including Pentagon City station. The 16E extends through Washington D.C., by operating up to Franklin Square.

16A stopsEdit

16C stopsEdit

16E stopsEdit


The line was part of the Pike Ride route since September 7, 2003.[1] Before then, the Columbia Pike line was part of the Alexandria, Barcroft and Washington Transit Company, which serves along the Columbia Pike. The line was AB&W’s first route, when it opened in 1921[2]. It was later operated by WMATA in 1973, when it acquired all routes from the AB&W. Since 1973, the Columbia Pike Line consists of all 16 line. Some 16 routes were split into different lines, to run as a sister line which operates on the same road. The 16 line provides premium reliable service in Columbia Pike to connect from neighborhoods, to marketplaces, to landmarks, and to business.

After WMATA's success on the 16 line, Arlington Transit began adding more routes on the Columbia Pike, starting with Route 41. Routes 16B and 16J were the two routes that have a daily service, while routes 16A, 16D, and 16F operated only on weekdays.[3] All routes, except 16F and 16J, runs between Pentagon station and Annandale. Route 16B runs between Pentagon station and the neighborhood of Culmore during weekday peak hours, while it extends to Annandale on the weekends. Route 16E operated during late nights, and is the only route which runs via Pentagon City. Route 16F runs during peak hours only, serving to Pentagon Station in the morning, and the neighborhood of Culmore in the afternoon. The 16F serves limited stops in Arlington County, and local stops in Bailey's Crossroads and Culmore.

In 2008, the 16P joins the Columbia Pike line, taking over the 16J Sunday service.[4] In 2009, the Sunday 16B reduced Annandale trips, leading to select trips terminating at Culmore, where it ends on weekday rush hours.[5] In 2010, route 16F was renamed as the Columbia Pike–Federal Triangle Line.[6] Other than route 16F, two existing route was formerly part of the Columbia Pike line, until the line name was changed. Route 16L was part of the line until 1987, when it became the Columbia Pike Express Line. The 16L completely changed the line name to Annandale–Skyline City–Pentagon Line, although it remains connections to route 16A. Route 16G was also part of the Columbia Pike line, until September, 2003, when the Pike Ride project began. Route 16G was selected to serve to Pentagon City Station, to form the Columbia Pike–Pentagon City Line. Route 16C is the only route in which WMATA used it twice. The old 16C operates on the Columbia Pike Route, until it was discontinued in 2003. After 15 years of absence, WMATA reincarnated the 16C back in the Columbia Pike line in 2018, with modifications from the old 16C route.

Service changesEdit

The Columbia Pike line began on multiple service changes throughout the entire service, starting with the name change of the 16L line to the Columbia Pike Express Line. However, some 16 line routes faced some service changes through out time.

September 2003 changesEdit

Route 16C was discontinued from the Columbia Pike line service in September 7, 2003.[7] Routes 16B, 16F, and 16J absorbed the remaining portions of the 16C. Route 16F became a limited stop service within Arlington County. Route 16G was transferred to the Columbia Pike–Pentagon City Line to serve Pentagon City Station. Route 16G formed the new line, alongside with Routes 16H, 16K, and 16W to bring more service from the neighborhoods of Skyline City in Fairfax County, and Barcroft in Arlington County.

December 2010 changesEdit

Route 16F was transferred to the Columbia Pike–Federal Triangle Line, and extended to Federal Triangle in Washington D.C. After serving time with the Columbia Pike line, 16F times remains unchanged, and continues to serve limited stop in Arlington County, and serves all stops in Washington D.C. This route continues to operate until 2012, when it was renamed to route 16X.

March 2015 changesEdit

Route 16D was discontinued on March 29, 2015, and is replaced by route 16A. Route 16L absorbed the Annandale portion of the 16D, where it ran.

June 2018 changesEdit

The Columbia Pike line began to be rerouted by simplifying various routes into a single route. Routes 16B, 16J, 16P was discontinued on June 24, 2018, and replaced by 16A, 16C, and 16E.[8] Route 16H from the Columbia Pike–Pentagon City Line also took over a portion of routes 16B, 16J, and 16P. Alongside of these changes, daily service was added to the 16A. Route 16C was brought back into the Columbia Pike line service, after a 15-year hiatus, while other 16 line routes took over the old 16C. Route 16C also replaced the 16X from the Columbia Pike–Federal Triangle Limited Line, which operated up to Federal Triangle in Washington D.C. By bringing more reliable and faster service, the 16A & 16C serves limited stops on Columbia Pike in Arlington County. Routes 16E, 16G & 16H continues to serve to all stops on Columbia Pike in Arlington County.


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