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Secretary of State of Colorado

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The Secretary of State of Colorado is the secretary of state of the state of Colorado in the United States. The office is one of five elected constitutional offices in the state. The current Secretary of State is Wayne W. Williams.

Secretary of State of Colorado
Seal of the Executive Office of Colorado.svg
Wayne W. Williams.JPG
Wayne W. Williams

since January 15, 2015
Colorado Department of State
Constituting instrument Colorado Constitution
Formation June 6, 1861
First holder Lewis Weld



The Secretary of State heads the Colorado Department of State, a principal department of the Colorado state government, which is composed of four divisions:

  • Business & Licensing Division:[1] Files documents for certain business organizations and business names; files trade names for certain business entities; registers trademarks, and files financing statements and notices of security interests in agricultural products pursuant to the Uniform Commercial Code, federal tax liens; and other miscellaneous statutory liens; performs searches of those records; provides copies of filed documents; issues related certificates; and provides pertinent educational services. Issues bingo/raffle licenses and inspects facilities and operations of these games to ensure compliance with bingo/raffle laws; commissions and regulates notaries public; registers charitable organizations that solicit contributions in Colorado and their professional fundraisers; publishes the Colorado administrative rules code and register, and provides rulemaking guidance for state agencies.
  • Elections Division: Supervises elections, maintains the statewide voter registration file, verifies initiative petition signatures, and administers the campaign finance laws; and serves as the filing office for unincorporated communities and for conflict of interest disclosure statements.
  • Administration Division: Provides management and central support services for the Department of State such as budgeting, accounting, and human resources; monitors the use of the State Seal,[2] certifies the interest rate on appealed money judgments, files Acts passed by the General Assembly, and conveys information within the office to the public; plans and monitors legislation that affects the Department of State; responds to inquires from the press and public; licenses entities that circulate petitions; and registers lobbyists.
  • Information Technology Division: Supports the information systems needs of the entire Secretary of State's office. Maintains the Departmental infrastructure consisting of multiple servers, personal computers, networking equipment, firewall, telephony, peripherals, and other information technology equipment to support the data and imaging needs of the Department. Also supports the Web presence of the Secretary of State.

Secretaries of State of ColoradoEdit

Name Term Party
Lewis Ledyard Weld 1861
Samuel Hitt Elbert 1862
Frank Hall 1866–1874
John W. Jenkins 1874–1875
John Taffe 1875–1876
William Clark 1876–1879 Republican
Norman H. Meldrum 1879–1883 Republican
Melvin Edwards 1883–1887 Republican
James Rice 1887–1891 Republican
Edward J. Eaton 1891–1893 Republican
Nelson O. McCless 1893–1895 Populist
Albert B. McGaffey 1895–1897 Republican
Charles H.S. Whipple 1897–1899 Democratic
Elmer F. Beckwith 1899–1901 Democratic
David A. Mills 1901–1903 Democratic
James Cowie 1903–1907 Republican
Timothy O'Connor 1907–1909 Republican
James B. Pearce 1909–1915 Democratic
John E. Ramer 1915–1917 Republican
James R. Noland 1917–1921 Democratic
Carl Miliken 1921–1927 Republican
Charles Armstrong 1927–1935 Republican
James Carr 1935-1935 Democratic
George Saunders 1935–1941 Democratic
Walter Morrison 1941–1949 Republican
George Baker 1949–1953 Democratic
Homer Bruce 1953–1955 Republican
George Baker 1955–1963 Democratic
Bryon A. Anderson 1963–1974 Republican
Mary Estill Buchanan 1974–1983 Republican
Natalie Meyer 1983–1995 Republican
Victoria Buckley 1995–1999 Republican
Donetta Davidson 1999–2005 Republican
Gigi Dennis 2005–2007 Republican
Mike Coffman 2007–2009 Republican
Bernie Buescher 2009–2011 Democratic
Scott Gessler 2011–2015 Republican
Wayne W. Williams 2015–present Republican

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