Collegiate Church of Saint-Vulfran

The Collegiate Church of Saint-Vulfran (French: Collégiale Saint-Vulfran) is a collegiate church located in Abbeville, France. The church, dedicated to Saint Vulfran is of Flamboyant Gothic style.[1]

Collegiate Church of Saint-Vulfran
Collégiale Saint-Vulfran d'Abbeville
Église Saint-Vulfran d'Abbeville-3339.jpg
50°06′17″N 1°49′55″E / 50.1048°N 1.8319°E / 50.1048; 1.8319Coordinates: 50°06′17″N 1°49′55″E / 50.1048°N 1.8319°E / 50.1048; 1.8319
Country France
DenominationRoman Catholic
DedicationSaint Vulfran
StyleGothic Flamboyant
Groundbreaking7 June 1488


The construction of the church was started on 7 June 1488. From 31 August it was clear that funding would be an issue and thus the construction was ceased for some time. On 4 April 1520 Jean Crétel of Tours-en-Vimeu was commissioned to lead the work. The nave would be under construction until 1539.[2] Construction resumed 120 years later when the choir was built in two years, from 1661 to 1663 in a more simplified style.[1]

As the French Revolution took place, the church became a Temple of Reason and a feast was celebrated in honor of the Supreme Being on 8 June 1794. Catholic worship in the church resumed in 1803. The church was listed as a Monument historique in 1840.[3]

Damages during World War IIEdit

The church was heavily damaged on 20 May 1940 by German bombings as part of the Battle of France in World War II. The restoration of the church was not completed until 1998.[3]


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