Coleco Telstar Arcade

The Coleco Telstar Arcade, commonly abbreviated as Telstar Arcade, is a first-generation home video game console that was released in 1977 in Japan, North America and Europe by Coleco.[1] It is the most advanced video game console in the Coleco Telstar series, based on the MOS Technology MPS-7600-00x chips series. Each chip is a microcontroller capable of storing 512 words of ROM.[2][3]

Coleco Telstar Arcade
Coleco Telstar Arcade
A Coleco Telstar Arcade with cartridge inserted
Also known asTelstar Arcade
TypeHome video game console
GenerationFirst generation
Release date1977
CPUMOS Technology MPS-7600-00x (one for each cartridge)
Dimensions7.5 × 18 × 16 in.
Mass4 lb

Construction and conceptEdit

Image revealing the three sides of the system

The Coleco Telstar Arcade is formed like a triangle.[2] On every side are other game-specific controls.[2] There is a side with a steering wheel and a lever, a side with a lightgun, and a side with two paddles.[4] Depending on the game played, the player may use another side.


The games came on silver-colored cartridges, each containing a MOS Technology MPS-7600-00X chip.[1] There were a total of 4 cartridges released for the system by Coleco. Every cartridge has a triangular shape which connects on the top of the console.

All games:

  • Cartridge 1: Road Race (1 player), Tennis (Pong clone; 2-4 players) and Quickdraw (chip MPS 7600-002; 1-2 players)
  • Cartridge 2: Hockey (2-4 players), Tennis (2-4 players), Handball (1-2 players) and Target (chip MPS 7600-001; 1 player)
  • Cartridge 3: Bonus Pinball (1-2 players), Shooting Gallery (1 player), Shoot the Bear (1 player) and Deluxe Pinball (chip MPS 7600-004; 1-2 players)
  • Cartridge 4: Naval Battle (1 player), Blast Away (1 player) and Speedball (chip MPS 7600-003; 1 player)


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