Coat of arms of Ossetia

The coat of arms of Ossetia is a red disc featuring a Caucasian leopard with seven white mountains in the background.[1][2] The mountains symbolize the Ossetian landscape, while the leopard is an iconic inhabitant of the Caucasus mountains.

Coat of arms of North Ossetia
Wapen Ossetien.svg
ArmigerRepublic of North Ossetia – Alania
BlazonDisc gules, a leopard passant or spotted sable on a ground or with a background of seven mountains argent
Coat of arms of South Ossetia
Coat of arms of South Ossetia.svg
ArmigerRepublic of South Ossetia – the State of Alania
BlazonDisc gules, a leopard passant or spotted sable on a ground or with a background of seven mountains argent


Terek OblastEdit

Under the Russian Empire, the territory of present-day North Ossetia was a part of the Terek Oblast. The coat of arms of the Terek Oblast was approved on 15 March 1873.

North Ossetian ASSR and South Ossetian AOEdit

The North Ossetian ASSR was formed on 5 December 1936. The 1940 edition of the constitution stated:

"The state emblem of the North Ossetian Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic is the state emblem of the RSFSR, which consists of a golden sickle and hammer placed crosswise, handles downward, on a red background in the sun and framed by ears of corn, with the inscription 'RSFSR' and 'Proletarians of all countries, unite!' in Russian and Ossetian languages (RSFSR/USSR) (ÆППÆТ БÆСТÆТЫ ПРОЛЕТАРТÆ BAIU UT!) and the addition of, under the inscription reading "RSFSR", a smaller inscription reading 'North Ossetian ASSR' in both Russian and Ossetian languages. (ЦÆГАТ-IRESTONE ASSR)" (Article 111).

In 1978 both the arms of the North Ossetian ASSR and the emblem of the RSFSR were modified to include a red star.

The South Ossetian Autonomous Oblast was created in 1922 within the Georgian SSR. Until its liquidation in 1990 it did not have its own emblem.

Modern coat of armsEdit

On 24 November 1994 the Parliament of North Ossetia, an autonomous republic within Russian Federation, approved and enacted Act No. 521, which had the country adopt a coat of arms designed by Murat Dzhigkaev. The prototype for the emblem was based on Vakhushti Bagrationi's "Banner of Ossetia", dated 1735.

On 19 May 1999 Parliament of South Ossetia adopted new coat of arms instead of 1992 emblem. Like the coat of arms of North Ossetia, which is almost identical to it, it goes back to the so-called "banner of Ossetia". Around the shield, the name of the country is written in Ossetian (Республикæ Хуссар Ирыстон) above and in Russian (Республика Южная Осетия) below.


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