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The present coat of arms of or national seal of Guinea was adopted in 1993.

Coat of arms of Guinea
Coat of arms of Guinea-new.svg
ArmigerRepublic of Guinea
Adopted1993 (Updated in 2011)
Cresta Dove with an olive branch in its beak sitting on the upper rim of the shield, its sprig of olive hanging over the shield
BlazonArgent, in base tierced per pale Gules, Or and Vert
MottoTravail, Justice, Solidarite
"Work, Justice, Solidarity"


The Guinean coat of arms features a dove with a golden olive branch in its beak over a ribbon with "Work justice solidarity". The arms formerly also included a crossed sword and rifle. A former coat of arms in 1960 features a red and yellow shield with a green elephant on it.



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