Coast Guard Foundation

The Coast Guard Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that supports projects that enhance the education, wellness and morale of members of the United States Coast Guard. Founded in 1969 to provide funds for academic, athletic, and morale needs of the United States Coast Guard Academy and its cadets, the Foundation expanded its charter to support projects that provide education, support, and relief for the brave men and women who enforce maritime law, protect our homeland, and preserve the environment.[3] The Foundation is governed by a Board of Trustees from all parts of the country, who in turn elect a Board of Directors to oversee the Foundation.[4] In addition, the Coast Guard Foundation supports local flotillas in the Coast Guard Auxiliary.[5]

Coast Guard Foundation
Key people
Susan Ludwig [1], Will Jenkins [2]


The Foundation supports the U.S. Coast Guard by providing morale support for Guardians, funding scholarships and grants for Coast Guard members and their children and spouses, providing relief in times of natural disaster and tragedy, and supporting the U.S. Coast Guard Academy.

Support for the Academy since 1970 has included funding projects like the waterfront and athletic programs, and academic enrichment programs that provide cadets with equipment that puts them on par with an elite group of other universities.

Since the Coast Guard Foundation expanded its mission in 1986, its core support has impacted Coast Guard members' education, morale and wellness, including exercise equipment, recreation gear and community space upgrades to thousands of cutters, bases, and units across the country. [6]

The Coast Guard Foundation hosts annual events in cities around the country to honor Coast Guard heroism and mission excellence. [7]

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