Coal Creek (Iron County, Utah)

Coal Creek is a stream in eastern Iron County, Utah, United States.[1]


The creek's mouth was at an elevation of 5,545 feet (1,690 m) in Cedar Valley in 1979, but that location is now a farm field, and its new terminus is located a little further upstream, 4.3 miles (6.9 km) northwest of Cedar City. Its source is at the confluence of Crow Creek[2] and Ashdown Creek,[3] in Cedar Canyon,[4] at the foot of Cedar Mountain[5] at 37°37′49″N 112°56′10″W / 37.63028°N 112.93611°W / 37.63028; -112.93611 at an elevation of 7,075 feet (2,156 m). Coal Creek passes through Cedar City on its way to Cedar Valley.

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Coordinates: 37°43′51″N 113°06′38″W / 37.73083°N 113.11056°W / 37.73083; -113.11056