Coal Creek (Clinch River tributary)

Coal Creek is a tributary of the Clinch River in Tennessee, approximately 10.3 miles (16.6 km) long.

Coal Creek
CountryUnited States
RegionAnderson County
Physical characteristics
SourceCross Mountain
 • coordinates36°9′38″N 84°14′23″W / 36.16056°N 84.23972°W / 36.16056; -84.23972[1]
MouthClinch River
 • coordinates
36°12′23″N 84°7′20″W / 36.20639°N 84.12222°W / 36.20639; -84.12222Coordinates: 36°12′23″N 84°7′20″W / 36.20639°N 84.12222°W / 36.20639; -84.12222[1]

Coal Creek flows northward along the southeastern base of Cross Mountain, slicing a narrow valley in which the communities of Briceville and Fraterville are located, to Lake City, a town formerly named Coal Creek, at the base of the Cumberland Plateau. The creek's confluence with the Clinch River is east of Lake City and below Norris Dam, near the Interstate 75 highway bridge across the river.

The creek drains a watershed area of about 36 square miles (93 km2). Beech Grove Fork is its largest tributary stream.[2] Coal Creek's water quality is affected by coal surface mining, municipal wastewater discharges, and channelization.[3]

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