Cnoc Raithní (Irish: [ˌknˠɔk ˈɾˠahnʲiː]; "hill of bracken")[2] is a tumulus (burial mound) and national monument located on Inisheer, Ireland.[3][4]

Cnoc Raithní
Slab atop Cnoc Raithní
Cnoc Raithní is located in Ireland
Cnoc Raithní
Shown within Ireland
Alternative nameKnockgrannie, Knockgrannary, Cnoc Raithnighe
County Galway, Ireland
RegionThe Burren, Aran Islands
Coordinates53°03′54″N 9°31′24″W / 53.065019°N 9.523220°W / 53.065019; -9.523220
Area350 m2 (0.086 acres)
Diameter21 m (69 ft)
Height1.5 m (4.9 ft)
Materialearth, sand, limestone
Foundedc. 1500 BC
PeriodsAtlantic Bronze Age
Site notes
OwnershipOffice of Public Works
Public accessyes

Location edit

Cnoc Raithní is located on the northern edge of Inisheer, overlooking the harbour.[citation needed]

History edit

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The lower tier is dated to c. 2000–1500 BC, making this the earliest known settlement site on the island.[5] The upper part is believed to be Early Christian (5th to 8th centuries AD).[6][7]

The site was covered by sands before being exposed by a storm in 1885; in that year, it was excavated by D. Murphy and cordoned cinerary urns with cremated bones and a bronze awl were found.[8][9][10]

Description edit

A circular sandy mound revetted by a drystone wall. About 27 slab-lined graves protrude above the south half.[11] The north half is occupied by a kerbed platform with two limestone pillars.[12]

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