Clyde Docks Preservation Initiative

The Clyde Docks Preservation Initiative (CDPI) is a non-profit social enterprise set up in 2015 to establish a lead organisation in efforts to preserve the derelict Govan Graving Docks [de] in Glasgow, Scotland (and other maritime sites on the River Clyde) as a heritage asset for future generations. The organisation aims to restore Govan Graving Docks as a shipbuilding and maritime heritage park in recognition of the maritime and shipbuilding heritage of the city.[1]

Govan Graving Docks has been abandoned since closing down in 1987 and, while a number of redevelopment proposals for the site have been put forward (and the nearby site at Pacific Quay has been redeveloped), none has yet come to fruition. The organisation is working to remedy what it sees as a lack of protection and recognition being afforded to various sites along the River Clyde. Glasgow once led the world in shipbuilding but now the only notable remaining trace of the city's industrial past is the Finnieston Crane and the remaining shipyards at Govan and Scotstoun.

As well as preserving the heritage, CDPI aims to create a social enterprise / micro-enterprise hub, a cultural quarter and an ecology park area at Govan Graving Docks along with a full restoration of the dry docks to working order and a facility for the maintenance of historic ships.

The organisation has attracted attention in local and national media, most notably articles in The Sunday Herald, The Big Issue[2] and the Maritime Journal.[3]


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