Clitennestra is an opera in a prelude and two acts, was the last work by Ildebrando Pizzetti. The libretto is in Italian language. The opera play is based from ancient Greek mythology written by Aeschylus and Sophocles. It premiered at La Scala in Milan on 1 March 1965, conducted by Gianandrea Gavazzeni.[1]

Opera by Ildebrando Pizzetti
Gérin Clytemnestre hésitant avant de frapper Agamemnon endormi Louvre 5185.jpg
Clytemnestra hesitates before killing the sleeping Agamemnon. On the left, Aegisthus urges her on.
LibrettistIldebrando Pizzetti
1 March 1965 (1965-03-01)
La Scala, Milan


Role Voice type Premiere cast, 1 March 1965[2]
Conductor: Gianandrea Gavazzeni
Clitennestra (Clytemnestra), the Queen, Agamennone’s wife soprano Clara Petrella
Cassandra, Trojan's prophetess, Agamennone's concubine soprano Luisa Malagrida
Agamennone (Agamemnon), the King, Trojan war hero bass Mario Petri
Egisto (Aegisthus), Clitennestra’s lover bass Raffaele Arié
Elettra (Electra), daughter of Agamennone and Clitennestra soprano Floriana Cavalli
Oreste (Orestes), son of Agamennone and Clitennestra tenor Ruggero Bondino


On his return from the Trojan war, Agamennone was murdered by his wife Clitennestra, who claims to punish him for sacrificing their daughter Iphigenia, but in reality she killed him to be with her lover, Egisto.

Seven years later, Clitennestra was killed by her son Oreste, who had been turned away as a child and returned incognito (bringing the false news of his death) to avenge his father. Oreste, with the help of his sister Elettra, kills Clitennestra and Egisto, then goes into exile to punish himself for the crime committed, abandoning Elettra in despair.


Year Cast: Clitennestra,
Opera house, orchestra
1965[3] Clara Petrella,
Luisa Malagrida,
Mario Petri,
Raffaele Ariè,
Floriana Cavalli,
Ruggero Bondino
Gianandrea Gavazzeni,
Teatro alla Scala Orchestra and Chorus, Milan
Fiori FI-1265
(2 discs)


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