Climate Change TV

Climate Change TV is the world’s first online broadcaster dedicated entirely to climate change issues[1]. It contains interviews from heads of state, government officials and negotiators, NGO's, Civil Society and business professionals with a range of views on the climate change negotiations.

It is hosted by Responding to Climate Change,[2] an NGO and Official Observer[3] to the United Nations Framework on the Convention on Climate Change

RTCC provides a daily news and analysis service - following latest developments in climate policy,[4] research[5] and other aspects of the climate debate. In February this year they submitted a series of proposals[6] to the UNFCCC on raising the ambition of the Durban Platform - which had been agreed at COP17.

The Studio[7] is run for the UNFCCC at the annual COP. The interviews are hosted on RTCC and the UNFCCC's studio portal.[8]

It provides for one-on-one video interviews with a wide array of stakeholders from civil society, intergovernmental organizations and party delegates. The studio provides a platform for discussing the effects of climate change, causes of global warming and possible solutions. It continues at COP17/CMP 7 after successfully running at COP15/CMP 5 in Copenhagen, and COP16/CMP 6 in Cancun.

At the most recent COP, held in December 2011, the Climate Change TV Studio was visited by UNFCCC Chief Executive Christiana Figueres,[9] lead Netherlands negotiator Maas Goote,[10] and UK Minister for energy and climate change Greg Barker, along with members of Oxfam and


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