Climacodon is a widespread genus of tooth fungi in the family Phanerochaetaceae.

Climacodon septentrionalis 134149.jpg
Climacodon septentrionalis
Scientific classification

P.Karst. (1881)
Type species
Climacodon septentrionalis
(Fr.) P.Karst. (1881)

C. annamensis
C. chlamydocystis
C. dubitativus
C. pulcherrimus
C. roseomaculatus
C. sanguineus
C. septentrionalis


The genus was circumscribed by Finnish mycologist Petter Karsten in 1881 with Climacodon septentrionalis as the type species.[1] This fungus was originally described by Elias Magnus Fries in 1821 as Hydnum septentrionale.[2]

Climacodon has been placed variously in the family Meruliaceae,[3] or in the Phanerochaetaceae.[4] Molecular analysis places Climacodon as a member of the Phlebioid clade.[5]



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