Clever Bins

Clever Bins Limited was UK company that provided solar-powered street litter bin that displayed digital outdoor advertising.[2]

Clever Bins Limited
government contractor
IndustryOutdoor advertising, advertising
government contractor
Litter bins
Sept 9, 2009
FounderWilliam Sachiti
DefunctJanuary 29, 2013 (2013-01-29)[1]
HeadquartersThe Lansdowne Building
London, United Kingdom
Area served
United Kingdom
Hong Kong
Dubai, Italy
Number of employees
9 (2010)
WebsiteClever Bins

Clever BinEdit

The 'Clever Bins' came with A2 sized display panels that were lit up by directional LED beams. The panels came with military standard Riot shielding. Some models of the bin could broadcast messages to nearby mobile devices.

The bins used solar power that, even in cloudy conditions, could charge the units for up to 7 hours of illumination. The level of illumination was regulated depending on the power available.[citation needed]


In August 2009, Sachiti failed to find an investor on the BBCs TV show Dragons' Den.[3]

Clever Bins was partnered with Keep Britain Tidy in July 2010.[4] on a study for which Keep Britain tidy will release the results later in 2011.


Clever Bins had a trial with the London Borough of Hammersmith & Fulham.[5]

Clever Bins could also be found outside near London's tube stations, Lakeside Shopping Centre, Manchester,[6][7] Birmingham City, Tower Bridge London, and locations in Singapore,[8] Hong Kong, Maldives [9] and Italy.[citation needed]


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