Cleopatra Jones and the Casino of Gold

Cleopatra Jones and the Casino of Gold is a 1975 American action-adventure blaxploitation film directed by Charles Bail and starring Tamara Dobson as Cleopatra "Cleo" Jones, Stella Stevens and Norman Fell.[2] The film is a sequel to the 1973 action film Cleopatra Jones.

Cleopatra Jones and the Casino of Gold
Cleopatra Jones and the Casino of Gold.jpg
Original film poster by Robert Tanenbaum[1]
Directed byCharles Bail
Written byWilliam Tennant
Max Julien
StarringTamara Dobson
Stella Stevens
Norman Fell
CinematographyAlan Hume
Edited byWilly Kemplen
Music byDominic Frontiere
Distributed byWarner Bros.
Release date
July 11, 1975
Running time
96 minutes
CountryUnited States


The story begins with two government agents, Matthew Johnson and Melvin Johnson, being captured by the "Dragon Lady" (Stella Stevens). Cleopatra Jones then travels to Hong Kong to rescue the agents. Jones pairs up with Mi Lin-fong (Tien Lie [zh]) and ends up in the Dragon Lady's casino, which, in actuality, is the headquarters for her underground drug empire. Jones and Mi use their combat skills to battle the Dragon Lady's henchmen and rescues the agents.[3]


Max Julien, author of the source story for, and a co-producer of, the film's predecessor, Cleopatra Jones, refused to participate in the production, and instead got token credit for the story and script having been "based on characters created by" him.


The film was not as well received as its predecessor, Cleopatra Jones, due mainly to the decline in the popularity of the blaxploitation genre.[4]

The film was released on DVD by Warner Brothers as part of its Warner Archive Collection in 2010.

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