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Classical guitar educationEdit

The classical guitar is today a standard instrument that can be studied at music universities and conservatories. Numerous education publications are available, from guitar-related books,[1][2] to musical style,[3] etc.

There are also institutions that offer worldwide graded music exams. Examples include:

Articles which consider graded exams in the context of the classical guitar have been written by the EGTA (European Guitar Teachers Association).[15][16][17]

Music PedagogyEdit

Classical guitar pedagogy also includes music pedagogy. Relevant publications from John Sloboda and others exist, which consider e.g.

  • Psychology of Music [18]
  • Philosophy of Music [19]
  • Music Education[20]
  • etc.

Students studying music pedagogy usually receive access (via their learning institution e.g. university) to searchable online journals (e.g. via JSTOR, ProQuest) which simplifies the process of locating relevant data, studies and citations for their own research.

Classical guitar techniqueEdit

Brad Conroy's lesson on simple right hand arppegios [1]



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