Clara Town can be located on this map of greater Monrovia.

Clara Town is a slum located on Bushrod Island in Monrovia, the capital of Liberia.[1][2]

Clara Town is built upon a swamp.[2]


Clara Town is across the bridge in the centre of the photo on Bushrod Island. To the left of the photo is the slum of West Point.

"Struggle Community"Edit

An area within Clara Town is named "Struggle Community".[2] This area is "a network of haphazard, rubbish-strewn streets, many of which are flooded for several months of the year".[2] In this area, 10,000 residents share two privately owned water taps.[2]

Social issuesEdit


Clara Town's 75,000 people shared 11 public toilets and 22 public taps in 2009.[2]

Notable peopleEdit


Coordinates: 6°20′N 10°48′W / 6.333°N 10.800°W / 6.333; -10.800