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Claire Jane McLachlan (sometimes McLachlan-Smith) is a New Zealand teaching academic. She is currently professor and head of school at Waikato University. Her speciality is early-childhood literacy.[1]

Claire McLachlan
Residence New Zealand
Alma mater Massey University
Scientific career
Fields early childhood literacy
Institutions University of Auckland, Auckland University of Technology, Massey University, Waikato University



McLachlan did a MSc by thesis at Massey entitled 'Experience as a mother of a "crying baby": a single collaborative case study' completed in 1991,[2] and then a PhD 'Emergent literacy in New Zealand kindergartens : an examination of policy and practices' in 1996.[3] Between 2000 and 2006 she worked in Auckland at the University of Auckland and Auckland University of Technology before returning to Massey University,[4] where she rose to full professor in 2013. She then moved to Waikato University as currently professor and head of school.[5]

Selected worksEdit

  • Makin, Laurie, Criss Jones-Diaz, and Claire McLachlan, eds. Literacies in childhood: Changing views, challenging practice. Elsevier Australia, 2007.
  • McLachlan, Claire, Marilyn Fleer, and Susan Edwards. Early childhood curriculum: Planning, assessment, and implementation. Cambridge University Press, 2013.
  • McLachlan, Claire, Lucila Carvalho, Nicky de Lautour, and Koshila Kumar. "Literacy in early childhood settings in New Zealand: An examination of teachers' beliefs and practices." Australian Journal of Early Childhood 31, no. 2 (2006): 31-42.
  • McLachlan, Claire. "An analysis of New Zealand's changing history, policies and approaches to early childhood education." Australasian Journal of Early Childhood 36, no. 3 (2011): 36.


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