City Park, Tehran

City Park (Persian: پارک شهر, Park-e Shahr), with its 26 hectares (64 acres), is an urban park located in the central Tehran, Iran. It is the first public park in Tehran.[1] City Park surrounded by Fayaz Bakhsh Street from the north, Hafez Street from the west, Behesht Street from the south and Khayyam Street from the east.

City Park
Park Shahr Tehran.jpg
View of City Park in 2008
TypeUrban park
LocationDistrict 12, Tehran, Iran
Coordinates35°41′N 51°25′E / 35.683°N 51.417°E / 35.683; 51.417Coordinates: 35°41′N 51°25′E / 35.683°N 51.417°E / 35.683; 51.417
Area26 hectares
Owned byTehran municipality
Operated byTehran municipality
Open24 hours
Public transit accessMetro and bus; see below

The Tehran Peace Museum is located at the northern gate of this park. Other notable sites of the park include a bird garden, an aquarium, and a central library. In December 2014, Park-e Shahr Birdwatching Site was opened to elevate the public awareness toward eco-tourism and birds. You can see over 50 local and migratory birds in Park-e Shahr.

Structures and facilitiesEdit

Recreational and sports facilitiesEdit

Recreational and sports facilities in City Park:

Central LibraryEdit

The park has an old and famous library that called Central library. This library was opened in 1961.[3] In 2019, Tehran municipality purchased new equipment for the library.[4]


There is also a public aquarium in the park with fish such as lung fish, arowana, aba aba, stingray, koi and cafe.[1]

Birds GardenEdit

There is also a bird garden in the park with birds such as Budgerigar, Duck, Partridge, Peafowl, Rosy-faced lovebird and weero.[1]

Peace MuseumEdit

The Tehran Peace Museum is located at the northern gate of City Park.[5] The Tehran Peace Museum is a member of the International Network of Museums for Peace and the main objective of the museum is to promote a culture of peace through raising awareness about the devastating consequences of war, with a focus on the health and environmental impacts of chemical weapons.[5][6]


Public transportEdit

People can easily reach the park via Tehran metro. Khomeini metro station is located near the park in Toopkhaneh Square. Also, Park-e Shahr bus station is located next to the city park.[2]



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