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City Journal (New York City)

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City Journal is a quarterly magazine published by the Manhattan Institute for Policy Research,[1] a conservative think tank based in New York City. Its current editor is Brian C. Anderson. The magazine was started in 1994.[1] Myron Magnet, its editor from 1994 to 2006, is now editor-at-large. Many City Journal articles focus on urban policy. Contributors include John M. Olin and Senior Fellow Heather Mac Donald.

City Journal
EditorBrian C. Anderson
Year founded1994
CompanyManhattan Institute
CountryUnited States
Based inNew York, New York
OCLC number25172204

Although the magazine is based in New York City, its scope is national, particularly including California. Additionally, there is often a British perspective from Anthony Daniels, better known by his pen name of Theodore Dalrymple. The magazine was also noticeable as one of the first to link to blogs on its website that referenced it, and to engage directly with the blogosphere.

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