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Citadel of Dreams

Citadel of Dreams is an original novella written by Dave Stone and based on the long-running British science fiction television series Doctor Who. It features the Seventh Doctor and Ace. It was released both as a standard edition hardback and a deluxe edition (ISBN 1-903889-05-7) featuring a frontispiece by Lee Sullivan. Both editions have a foreword by Andrew Cartmel.

Citadel of Dreams
Citadel of Dreams.jpg
AuthorDave Stone
SeriesDoctor Who book:
Telos Doctor Who novellas
Release number
Seventh Doctor
PublisherTelos Publishing Ltd.
Publication date
March 2002
ISBN1-903889-04-9 (standard)
Preceded byTime and Relative 
Followed byNightdreamers 

Featured Alien RacesEdit

  • Dracori, the original inhabitants of the planet, with several hundred eyes and tentacles.
  • Sloater, when transformed, has a thousand temporary mouths and orifices on the surface of his flesh.
  • The City itself is a living creature.

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