Circuit des Ardennes (motor racing)

The Circuit des Ardennes was an auto race held annually at the Circuit de Bastogne, Bastogne, from 1902 to 1907. It was the first major race to run on a closed course instead of from one city to another. The name was later used for a rally, part of the Dutch as well as the Belgian national rally championships.[1]

The first race, held in 1902, was organised by Baron Pierre de Crawhez, and was run over 6 laps of the circuit, with cars divided into three classes which ran simultaneously. The Heavy car class was won by Charles Jarrott in one of several Panhard 70s entered in the race, with victory in the Light car going to Louis Rigolly in a Gobron-Brillié, and in the Voiturette class to Jean-Marie Corre in a Corre.[2]

After the success in 1902, the race was run again in 1903 but with three separate races for the different classes. The Heavy car class ran on the morning of 22 June, with the Light car class in the afternoon, and the Voiturettes the following day on a separate circuit based around Arlon.[3]

For 1904, the Heavy and Light car classes were combined again, with the Light car class fading, with just a single entry in 1905 and none in 1906. The Circuit des Ardennes des Voiturettes race was repeated in 1904 and 1905, this time the day before the main race and on the same circuit, but entries also waned with just three starting the race in 1905.[4]

For the final year of the Circuit des Ardennes two races were again held. The first was for cars complying with the regulations of the Kaiserpreis, and the second, two days later, was for Grand Prix cars.[5]

Winners of the Circuit des Ardennes edit

Year Formula Driver Constructor Report
1902   Charles Jarrott Panhard 70 Report
1903 Heavy car   Pierre de Crawhez Panhard 70 Report
Light car   Paul Baras Darracq 24hp
Voiturette   Louis Wagner Darracq
1904 Voiturette   Albert Clément Clément Report
Heavy car   George Heath Panhard 70
1905 Voiturette   Louis Wagner Darracq 20hp Report
Heavy car   Victor Hémery Darracq
1906 Grand Prix   Arthur Duray Lorraine-Dietrich Report
1907 Kaiserpreis   John Moore-Brabazon Minerva Report
Grand Prix   Pierre de Caters Mercedes-Benz

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