Cicaré S.A. (originally Cicaré Aeronáutica S.A. and later Cicaré Helicópteros S.A.) is an Argentine helicopter manufacturer founded by Augusto Cicaré in Saladillo, Buenos Aires Province in the 1970s to develop aircraft of his own design. A number of prototypes were constructed, including one under contract from the Argentine Air Force, but no great successes were achieved until the CH-7 light sporting helicopter in the 1990s.

Cicaré S.A.
TypeSociedad Anónima
Key people
Augusto Cicaré
ProductsHelicopters, aircraft components
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On March 18, 2010 they presented the CH-7B and CH-12[1] during the EAA Argentina Annual Meeting.[2]


Cicare CK.1/CH-3 Colibri
Cicaré CH-7B

Former AircraftEdit

  • CH-1 (1961)
  • CH-2 (1964)
  • CH-3 Colibri (1976)
  • CH-4 (1982)
  • CH-5 AG (1986)
  • CH-6 (1987)
  • CH-6T (1999)
  • CH-8 UL (1993)
  • CH-9 (1995)
  • CH-11 - Coaxial helicopter
  • CH-14 - (2007) One prototype built. Defense, turbine engine

Helicopter TrainerEdit

  • Cicaré SVH-4 - It's a conventional helicopter design attached to a mobile ground platform, which allows the use of all flight controls including lift off to a normal hover at 3 ft AGL and hover taxiing.

The platform has eight free rotating wheels which allow moves in all directions; and an air tank that has pneumatic cylinders which allow the helicopter to rise and descend adjusting the level of difficulty during learning.

Present AircraftEdit

Model Configuration Engine Power [HP]
Cicaré SVH-4 Helicopter Trainer Rotax 912 100
Cicaré 7B Single seat Rotax 912 ULS 100
Cicaré 7T Two tandem seat Rotax 914UL 115
Cicaré 8 UL Two seat side by side ULM Epapower 917Ti 135
Cicaré 12 Two seat side by side Lycoming HIO-360 180


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