Choreveco (Tacna)

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Choreveco (possibly from Aymara churi dull yellow, wiqu a corner in a house, a mountain cove)[2] is a mountain in the Andes of southern Peru, about 5,000 metres (16,404 ft) high. It is located in the Tacna Region, Candarave Province, Candarave District, and in the Tarata Province, Susapaya District.[1] Choreveco lies northeast of the volcano Yucamane. It is situated between the mountain Chiarjaque in the west and the lake Vilacota in the east.

The volcano Yucamane (center), Chiarjaque (the first snow-covered peak north of it above the river valley), the lake Vilacota and Choreveco (west of the lake) as seen from above (NASA Landsat7 image)
Highest point
Elevation5,000 m (16,000 ft) [1]
Coordinates17°7′33″S 70°5′50″W / 17.12583°S 70.09722°W / -17.12583; -70.09722Coordinates: 17°7′33″S 70°5′50″W / 17.12583°S 70.09722°W / -17.12583; -70.09722
Choreveco is located in Peru
LocationPeru, Tacna Region, Candarave Province, Tarata Province
Parent rangeAndes


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