Church of the Holy Saviour, Nesebar

The Church of the Holy Saviour or Sveti Spas in the UNESCO World Heritage town of Nesebar, Bulgaria, is a 17th-century church building of 1609, 11.70 m long and 5.70 m wide, consisting of a single nave and apse.

Church of the Holy Saviour

Although small, it is notable for its early 17th century wall paintings representing scenes from the Life of Christ and the Holy Virgin, with a painting of the Virgin Platytera in the apse.

The tombstone of the Byzantine princess Mataissa Cantacuzina, formerly here, is now in the Nesebar Archaeological Museum. The church itself is de-consecrated and is also used as a museum.

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Coordinates: 42°39′34″N 27°44′5″E / 42.65944°N 27.73472°E / 42.65944; 27.73472