Church of the Ascension (Bataysk)

The Church of the Ascension of the Lord (Russian: Храм Вознесения Господня) is a Russian Orthodox church in Bataysk, Rostov Oblast, Russia.[1]

Church of the Ascension
Храм Вознесения Господня
Храм Вознесения Христова, Батайск.jpg
The church in 2016
Coordinates: 47°04′24″N 39°24′40″E / 47.0734°N 39.4110°E / 47.0734; 39.4110
LocationBataysk, Rostov Oblast, Russia
DenominationEastern Orthodox
StatusParish church
DedicationAscension of Jesus
Functional statusActive
DivisionPatriarchate of Moscow and All Russia


The Ascension Church was built in 1872 in Koisug village of Don Host Oblast (now it is situated within the territory of Bataysk town). It belonged to Ekaterinoslav Diocese. The church was wooden, with plinth being built of brick. It had five domes: one big and four small ones. The bell tower of the Ascension church was completely built of brick. According to data of the Economic Department of Holy Synod, as of 1910, the church had a Sunday school, a lodge, a priest's house and ancillary facilities.[2]

In the 1930s, the Ascension Church was closed and destroyed. Only the first tier of the bell tower had been preserved.

In 1989, an Orthodox community of the Ascension Church was registered in Bataysk. In 1990 the restoration of the Ascension church on the project of Boris Vinnikov (in the style of Moscow-Yaroslavl architecture of the 17th century) began in the territory of the former church garden. On November 4, 1995, the first liturgy was served in the new church. Over time, a bell tower was erected, utility rooms were built, and the churchyard was arranged. In 2006, the parish purchased new bells and constructed a belfry. Restoration works were finished in 2006, and on September 5 of the same year the Ascension Church was consecrated.[3]


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