Church of St. Denis (Liège)

The Church of St. Denis (French: Collégiale Saint-Denis) is a parish church in Liège, Belgium. The fortified building was designed to be part of the city's defences. It was founded by Notker of Liège in 987 and first consecrated on 12 March 990.[1] The tower was added around 1100.

Church of St. Denis
Collégiale Saint-Denis en Liège
Jan Weissenbruch - De kerk van St Denis te Luik.jpg
Jan Weissenbruch, The Church of St. Denis in Liège (about 1850-1860)
Church of St. Denis is located in Belgium
Church of St. Denis
Church of St. Denis
50°38′34.57″N 5°34′28.51″E / 50.6429361°N 5.5745861°E / 50.6429361; 5.5745861Coordinates: 50°38′34.57″N 5°34′28.51″E / 50.6429361°N 5.5745861°E / 50.6429361; 5.5745861
LocationPlace Saint-Denis, Liège
DenominationCatholic Church
Founder(s)Notker of Liège
Consecrated12 March 990
Functional statusparish church
Heritage designationPatrimoine exceptionnel
DioceseDiocese of Liège
ParishUnité pastorale Saint-Lambert
Bishop(s)Jean-Pierre Delville


The Church of St Denis originally had the status of collegiate church. It was one of the seven collegiate churches of Liège, which until the Liège Revolution of 1789 collectively comprised the "secondary clergy" in the First Estate of the Prince-bishopric of Liège. The church was suppressed in 1797, but the building was taken into use as a parish church in 1803.[2]

The church has since 1936 been included on a heritage register, and is currently listed as "exceptional heritage" of Wallonia.[2]


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