Chronological Table of the Statutes

The Chronological Table of the Statutes is a chronological list of the public Acts passed by the Parliament of England (1235–1706),[1] the Parliament of Great Britain (1707–1800), and the Parliament of the United Kingdom (from 1801), as well as the Acts of the old Parliament of Scotland (to 1707) and of the modern Scottish Parliament (from 1999), and the Measures passed by the National Assembly for Wales (from 2008) and by the General Synod of the Church of England[2] (from 1920). It is produced by Her Majesty's Stationery Office (now part of the Office of Public Sector Information) and published by The Stationery Office.[3]

The Chronological Table was first published in 1870, and is issued regularly. As of 2014 the most recent edition takes the contents up to the end of 2012.

The Chronological Table does not list either Personal or Local Acts,[4] Acts passed by the old Parliament of Ireland (to 1800), Acts passed by the Parliament of Northern Ireland (1921-1972), Measures passed by the short-lived Northern Ireland Assembly (1973–1974), nor Acts passed by the modern Northern Ireland Assembly (from 1999).

The Acts and Measures (other than the Acts of the old Parliament of Scotland) are arranged in order of their chapter number for each session (before 1963) or calendar year. For each Act or Measure the Table states to what extent, and by what legislation, it has been amended or repealed.

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  2. ^ Formerly known as the Church Assembly
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  4. ^ Online tables are maintained for these Acts:
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