Christos Laskaris

Christos Laskaris (Greek: Χρίστος Λάσκαρης, 1931 – December 11, 2008) was a Greek poet.

Laskaris was born in the village of Chavari in Elis, but moved to Patras as a child. He studied at the Pedagogical Academy of Tripoli, but did not become a teacher; instead, he worked his entire career in the insurance division of the Patras city bus authority. He was awarded the Cavafy International Award in Cairo in 2007.[1]


Year Title English title Publisher ISBN
- Απόγευμα προς βράδυ Morning Until Night Gavriilidis ISBN 960-336-214-X
- Δωμάτιο για ένα Bedroom For One Gavriilidis ISBN 978-0-00-336657-0 (2001)
1978 Ποιήματα Poems Gavriilidis ISBN 960-336-056-2
1982 Να εμποδίσεις τις σκιές - Diagonios -
1986 Να τελειώνουμε' I Will Complete Diagonios OCLC 29412601
1991 Σύντομο βιογραφικό - Diagonios OCLC 34253228
1995 Ποιήματα Poems Bilieto ISBN 960-85367-3-1
1997 Τέλος προγράμματος Program Over Bilieto ISBN 960-85367-9-0


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