Christiania Burgher School

Christiania Burgher School (Christiania Borger- og Realskole or Christiania Borgerskole, commonly known as Borgerskolen) was a private middle school in Christiania (now Oslo), Norway. It was founded in 1812 and prepared pupils for enrolment at Oslo Cathedral School.[1]

Christiania Burgher School

The school was funded by tuition and throughout the 19th century, its pupils belonged to affluent families, such as the bourgeoisie and higher state officials.[citation needed] In the 20th century, the school received municipal subsidies and thus also pupils from less affluent backgrounds were able to attend. The school was closed down in 1932.


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Coordinates: 59°55′09″N 10°45′12″E / 59.9192°N 10.7532°E / 59.9192; 10.7532