Christian Vuissa

Christian Vuissa (born 1969 in Bregenz, Austria[1][2]) is a Latter-day Saint filmmaker. He is also the founder and former head of the LDS Film Festival, until 2017.

Vuissa served an LDS mission in Leipzig, Germany, from 1994 to 1996.[3][unreliable source?] He was involved in the making of Pirates of the Great Salt Lake. He was the director of Baptists at Our Barbecue, The Errand of Angels, One Good Man (2009) (originally called Father in Israel),[4] The Letter Writer (2011), The Reunion (2008), and Silent Night (2012).

Vuissa was also the original story creator and the director of the 2002 short drama film Roots and Wings about Mexican immigrants to the United States.[5]

Vuissa is a 2002 graduate of Brigham Young University's Media Arts program.


Year Film Credits
Director Writer Producer
2002 Roots & Wings Yes Yes Yes
2004 Unfolding Yes Yes Yes
2004 Baptists at Our Barbecue Yes Yes Yes
2006 Pirates of the Great Salt Lake No No Yes
2006 The Letter Writer Yes Yes Yes
2007 Wrinkles No No Yes
2007 Repressed Melodies No No Yes
2008 The Errand of Angels Yes Yes Yes
2008 Through the Valley No Yes Yes
2008 Crossroads Yes Yes Yes
2008 The Abyss Yes Yes Yes
2008 The Reunion Yes Yes Yes
2008 One Lucky Boy No No Yes
2009 Father in Israel Yes Yes Yes
2010 I Love You Bernie Summersby No Yes Yes
2010 Farewell to Brotherhood Yes Yes Yes
2011 Joseph Smith: Plates of Gold Yes Yes Yes
2012 Stille Nacht Yes Yes Yes


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