Chris Avram

Chris Avram (born Cristea Avram; August 31, 1931 – January 10, 1989) was a Romanian-Italian film actor.

Chris Avram in a 1974 movie

Early life and careerEdit

Avram was born in Bucharest, into a family of active communists (his father being a member of the Romanian Communist Party while it was still banned, and his brother, Puiu, a Communist activist). In his youth, he attended a military school, after which he studied law for two years at the University of Bucharest, before being admitted to the Academy of Theatrical Arts and Cinematography. After graduation, he worked for a while as a theater actor in Timișoara, before joining the Nottara Theater [ro] in Bucharest. At a film festival in Moscow, he befriended Marina Vlady, who later went to Romania to star in Mona, l'étoile sans nom [ro; fr], directed by Henri Colpi. With her help, he managed to flee to Paris in 1966, where he remained.[1] Later he settled in Rome, Italy, where he died of cancer.[2][3]

He was married for a while to Romanian actress Olga Tudorache [ro], with whom he had a son, Alexandru.

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