Chinese Futsal League

The Chinese Futsal League (CFL), is the top league for Futsal in China. The winning team obtains the participation right to the AFC Futsal Club Championship.

Chinese Futsal League
Country China
Number of teams12
Level on pyramid1
International cup(s)AFC Futsal Club Championship
Current championsShenzhen Nanling
Current: 2014-2015 season


Seasons Winner
2003-2004 Guangzhou Guowang
2004-2005 Wuhan Dilong
2005-2006 Wuhan Dilong
2006-2007 Wuhan Dilong
2007-2008 Wuhan Dilong
2008-2009 Wuhan Dilong
2009-2010 Wuhan Dilong
2010-2011 Shenzhen Nanling
2011-2012 Shenzhen Nanling
2012-2013 Shenzhen Nanling
2013-2014 Shenzhen Nanling

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