China Bay railway station

China Bay railway station is a railway station in China Bay, near Trincomalee in eastern Sri Lanka. Owned by Sri Lanka Railways, the state-owned railway operator, the station is part of the Trincomalee Line which links Trincomalee District with the capital Colombo.

China Bay
Sri Lankan Railway Station
General information
LocationChina Bay
Sri Lanka
Coordinates8°33′23.30″N 81°11′25.50″E / 8.5564722°N 81.1904167°E / 8.5564722; 81.1904167Coordinates: 8°33′23.30″N 81°11′25.50″E / 8.5564722°N 81.1904167°E / 8.5564722; 81.1904167
Owned bySri Lanka Railways
Line(s)Trincomalee Line
Other information
Preceding station   Sri Lanka Railways   Following station
Thampalakamam   Trincomalee Line   Trincomalee

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