Chiefdom of Yao'an (Chinese: 姚安土司; pinyin: Yáo'ān Tǔsī), ruled by the Gao clan, was a Bai autonomous Tusi chiefdom during Yuan, Ming and Qing dynasty. The chiefdom located at the convergence of Yunnan and Sichuan.

Chiefdom of Yao'an
StatusChiefdom under the suzerainty of Dali Kingdom (1147–1253)
Native Chiefdom of China (1253–1729)
CapitalYao'an (present day Yao'an County of Chuxiong Yi Autonomous Prefecture)
Common languagesBai language
• 1147–?
Gao Mingqing (first)
• ?–1725
Gao Houde (last)
• Established
• Disestablished
Preceded by
Succeeded by
Dali Kingdom
Qing dynasty
Today part ofChina

The Gao clan were descendants of Gao Shengtai, whom was the emperor of Dali from 1094 to 1096.[1][2] The Gao clan ruled Yao'an for more than 700 years, surviving several dynastic changes in China, until its last ruler Gao Houde was arrested by Qing Chinese in 1725.[3] In 1729, Yao'an was fully annexed into the central bureaucratic system of the Qing dynasty.[4]

List of chieftains of Yao'an edit

Below are Yao'an chieftains:[3]

Name Chinese Reign Notes
Gao Mingqing 高明清 1147–? son of Gao Taiming
grandson of Gao Shengtai
Gao Yuchengsheng 高踰城生 ?–? son of Gao Mingqing
Gao Yuchengguang 高踰城光 ?–?
Gao Longzheng 高隆政 ?–?
Gao Zhengjun 高政均 ?–?
Gao Junming 高均明 ?–?
Gao Mingshou 高明壽 ?–?
Gao Shousi 高壽寺 ?–?
Gao Shoubao 高壽保 ?–?
Gao Xian 高賢 ?–?
Gao Gui 高貴 ?–?
Gao Xiang 高翔 ?–?
Gao Feng 高鳳 ?–?
Gao Qidou 高齊斗 ?–?
Gao Qin 高欽 ?–?
Gao Jinchen 高金宸 ?–?
Gao Guangyu 高光裕 ?–? son of Gao Jinchen
Gao Shoufan 高守藩 ?–? son of Gao Guangyu
Gao Tai 高𦒰 ?–? son of Gao Shoufan
Gao Wengying 高奣映 ?–? son of Gao Tai
Gao Yinghou 高映厚 ?–? son of Gao Wengying
Gao Houde 高厚德 ?–1725 son of Gao Yinghou

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