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The Chief Commissioner of Income Tax or Director General of Income Tax is a senior rank in the Income Tax Department in India. Chief Commissioners are in charge of operations of the department with in a region which is usually overlapping with the territory of a state. Depending on the region their numbers vary from 16(like in Maharashtra) and 3(Karnataka). They are chosen from the Indian Revenue Service and usually after serving in the Government for a period of 30 years. After cadre restructuring a new designation is created the Principal Chief Commissioner of Income Tax and senior most Chief Commissioners of Income Tax are promoted into this grade and has additional responsibilities as per personnel and budgetary targets is concerned. Their equivalent rank at the Union Secretariat is that of a Special Secretary(A secretary who is not the Administrative Head of a department but discharges the function of a Secretary for all other matters. A full Secretary designated as Secretary GOI is the Administrative Head) to Govt.of India in the apex scale.

Chief Commissioner of Income Tax of Government of India
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AppointerFinance Minister of India
Salary200,000 (US$2,800)


Other Chief CommissionersEdit

There are other Chief Commissioners who are not cadre controlling and are placed above the rank of Union Additional Secretary in the HAG plus scale. The junior most Chief Commissioners are now of the rank of Union Additional Secretary. Thus the Chief Commissioners of Income Tax draw three different pay scales based on their seniority.


Chief Commissioners are allotted budgetary targets for collection by the Central Board of Direct Taxes and the targets are divided among the Commissioners of Income Tax and are constantly monitored.


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