Chiaiano is a north-western quarter of Naples, with a population of about 23,000.


Chiaiano is a hilly and wooded area that lies between Camaldoli and the Campi Flegrei.


Archaeologically, the area is of interest, displaying remnants of pre-and-non-Roman inhabitants such as the Oscans and Samnites.

Since the earthquake of 1980, it is one of the outlying areas that has undergone extreme urbanization—that is, large tracts of public housing to provide for those left homeless by that event.

Twin townsEdit

It is twinned with Manhattan, the commercial quarter of New York[citation needed] and has received the certificate of calmer quarter of the city.

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Coordinates: 40°52′52″N 14°12′37″E / 40.88111°N 14.21028°E / 40.88111; 14.21028