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Map showing the location of Chi Ma Wan and Chi Ma Wan Peninsula.

Chi Ma Wan (Chinese: 芝麻灣; Jyutping: zi1 maa4 waan1; literally: 'Sesame Bay') is a bay on southeastern Lantau Island, New Territories, Hong Kong. Chi Ma Wan Peninsula (芝麻灣半島; zi1 maa4 waan1 bun3 dou2) is where Chi Ma Wan, as well as Cheung Sha Wan, Tai Long Wan, Yi Long Wan and Mong Tung Wan are located. The Peninsula is located within the boundaries of Lantau South Country Park.[1]


Correctional institutionsEdit

The Chi Ma Wan Correctional Institution is near Cheung Sha Wan on the peninsula. Established in 1956,[2] it is the first open prison in Hong Kong. It is not currently in use.

The Christian Zheng Sheng College, a school providing correctional services for students, is also located on the peninsula.[3] It is a private institution not affiliated with the Hong Kong Correctional Services Department (HK CSD).

The Sea RanchEdit

View from the Sea Ranch

The Sea Ranch (澄碧邨) is a housing estate developed by Hutchison Whampoa Properties in the late 1970s[4] at Yi Long Wan (二浪灣) on Chi Ma Wan Peninsula.

The Sea Ranch is only reachable from the sea as it is located on the coastline of the Lantau South Country Park and has no road access. Ferries from Central Ferry Piers no. 5 in Central to Cheung Chau take 30 minutes, then a private ferry from Cheung Chau to the Sea Ranch which takes 20 minutes. The ferry from Cheung Chau is free for residents and their invited guests, as the cost is included in the management fee paid by the residents. Only residents and their guests are allowed to visit the property.

There are no shops or restaurants within the estate and for this reason it is unique in Hong Kong. The original clubhouse and sporting facilities have been closed for a number of years and the estate is now a tranquil and peaceful enclave on the South Lantau coast.[5]

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