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The Chevalier Guard Regiment (Russian: Кавалергардский полк) was a Russian heavy cavalry guard regiment, created in 1800 by the reformation of the Chevalier Guard corps, itself created in 1764 by Catherine the Great. As other Russian heavy cavalry guard regiments (the Life-Guards Horse Regiment, His Majesty's Life-Guards Cuirassier Regiment, and Her Majesty's Life-Guards Cuirassier Regiment), the Chevalier Guards were equipped as cuirassiers (with some differences in uniform and equipment from army cuirassiers and other guard cuirassier regiments).

Chevalier Guard Regiment
— III —
Austerlitz cropped.jpg
Chevalier Guard Regiment in the Battle of Austerlitz
CountryRussian Empire
Part of1st Guard Cavalry division
Garrison/HQSt. Petersburg
Officers of the Chevalier Guard. In left (1–2) is Carl Mannerheim


Military uniform, 1914. Her Supreme majesty Empress Marie Theorodovna Chevalier Guards regiment

The regiment was disbanded in 1918.

Many famous men served as Chevalier Guards including Georges-Charles de Heeckeren d'Anthès, Grigory Potemkin, Denis Davydov, Mikhail Skobelev, Alexander Rodzyanko, Pavlo Skoropadskyi, Carl Gustaf Emil Mannerheim and Alexander Ypsilantis, Dimitri (Dmitry) Dzhambakurian-Orbeliani.

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