Chevalier Guard Regiment

The Chevalier Guard Regiment (Russian: Кавалергардский полк, romanizedKavalergardskiy polk) was a Russian heavy cavalry guard regiment, created in 1800 by the reformation of the Chevalier Guard corps, itself created in 1764 by Catherine the Great.[1] As other Russian heavy cavalry guard regiments (the Life-Guards Horse Regiment, His Majesty's Life-Guards Cuirassier Regiment, and Her Majesty's Life-Guards Cuirassier Regiment), the Chevalier Guards were equipped as cuirassiers (with some differences in uniform and equipment from army cuirassiers and other guard cuirassier regiments).[2]

Chevalier Guard Regiment
— III —
Austerlitz cropped.jpg
Chevalier Guard Regiment in the Battle of Austerlitz
CountryRussian Empire
BranchRussian Imperial Guard
TypeHeavy cavalry
Part of1st Guard Cavalry division
Garrison/HQSt. Petersburg


The regiment was disbanded in 1918.

Many famous men served as Chevalier Guards including Georges-Charles de Heeckeren d'Anthès, Grigory Potemkin, Denis Davydov, Mikhail Skobelev, Alexander Rodzyanko, Pavlo Skoropadskyi, Carl Gustaf Emil Mannerheim and Alexander Ypsilantis.



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