Chen Peisi

Chen Peisi (Chinese: 陈佩斯; born 1 February 1954) is a Chinese sketch comedian, film and stage actor, and voice actor. Chen's oft-time comedy partner is Zhu Shimao.

Chen Peisi
Born (1954-02-01) 1 February 1954 (age 66)
EducationThe High School Affiliated to Beijing Normal University
OccupationComedian, sketch actor, and voice actor
Years active1973–present
AgentDadao Film and Television Limited Company
Spouse(s)Wang Yanling (王燕玲)
ChildrenChen Dayu (born 1990)
Parent(s)Chen Qiang
AwardsHundred Flowers Award for Best Supporting Actor
1988 Soccer Heroes
Chinese name
Traditional Chinese陳佩斯
Simplified Chinese陈佩斯


Chen Peisi is the second son of famous stage and film actor Chen Qiang. Chen Qiang's first son (Chen Peisi's brother) was born in 1951 while he was overseas in the Hungarian capital Budapest performing The White-Haired Girl, so he named his first son Chen Buda (陈布达) after Buda, the western half of Budapest, as he loved the city during the visit.[1] When the second son was born three years later, he named the son Peisi after Pest, the eastern half of Budapest, as the Standard Chinese phonetic translation of Budapest is "Bù Dá Peì Sī". Chen Qiang's youngest child and daughter Chen Lida (陈丽达) was also named after a part of Budapest — the Margaret Island in the Danube between Buda and Pest.


Chen was born in Changchun, Jilin on 1 February 1954. In 1966, Chen studied at The High School Affiliated to Beijing Normal University. In 1969, during the Cultural Revolution, he worked in Inner Mongolia Production and Construction Corps. In 1973, Chen worked in August First Film Studio as an actor. In 1991, Chen set up a company named Hainan Comedy Film and Television Limited Company (海南喜剧影视有限公司), then renamed it Dadao Film and Television Limited Company (大道影业有限公司). In 2000, Chen and his partner Zhu Shimao sued the China International Television Corporation over royalties from broadcasts which they won, but they were then taken off air by the parent company, China Central Television.[2][3]



Year English title Chinese title Role Notes
1976 Storm Over The South-China Sea 南海风云 A Vietnamese sailor
1978 猎字九十九号
1979 Anxious to Return 归心似箭 Police captain
What a Family 瞧这一家子 Jia Qi
1980 N and Out of Court 法庭内外 Xia Huan
1982 Sunset Street 夕照街 Er Zi
Pipa Soul 琵琶魂 Ah Fu
1983 The Man Who Goes To Make Money 出门挣钱的人 Zhang Yuqiang
1985 Father and Son 父与子 Er Zi
Er Zi Has a Little Hotel 二子开店 Er Zi
1986 Master of Suffering 少爷的磨难 Jin Fu
1987 Soccer Heroes 京都球侠 Zhao Huli
1988 The Silly Manager 傻冒经理 Er Zi
Black Butterfly 游侠黑蝴蝶
1990 Father and Son's Car 父子老爷车
1991 爷俩开歌厅 As director
1992 Make a Bomb 赚它一千万 Niu Dawei
An Interim Father 临时爸爸 General Manager Chen
The Lost Hero 迷途英雄 Peter Chen
1993 Sub Husband 编外丈夫 Chen Yaozong
Fitial Son And Fitial Piety 孝子贤孙伺候着 Chen Xiao'er
1995 Her Majesty Is Fine 太后吉祥 Tang Yuanyuan
1998 Three and A Half Man 好汉三条半
Peace All Year Round 岁岁平安
2000 Defensiveness 防卫反击
2011 Under The Influence 戒烟不戒酒 Landlord
2015 Lotus Code 谍·莲花 Pu Zhao [4]
2017 Buddies in India 大闹天竺 Tang Zong


Year English title Chinese title Role Notes
1981 Examination Room 考场
1983 Making Trouble out of Nothing 无事生非
1984 Kindling 火种
Wolf's Lair 狼穴
1985 The Story of Min 敏的故事
1986 火火寻宝记
Side of the Road 马路边
Quartet 四重奏
1990 夫妻奏鸣曲
1944 When Something Amazing Happens 飞来横福 Chen Xiaofu
1996 I'm a Countryside Man 我是乡巴佬 As director
1997 Be Blessed with Double Happiness 同喜同喜
1998 Eight Eccentrics of Yangzhou 扬州八怪 Yue Wencheng
2000 一手托两家 Tu Jiawu
2002 Chinese Communist Party Member: Sister Ma 党员马大姐
Takes a Little Sunshine to Give Out Radiance 给点阳光就灿烂
2013 Xu Beihong 徐悲鸿 Patrolman
2014 What a Big Family 好大一个家 Tang Yipin/ Tang Jinsuo


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