Chashni (Hindi: चाशनी, Urdu: چاشنی) is the generic name in North Indian, Pakistani, Nepali and Afghan languages for a sugary syrup. The syrup is usually thin enough to allow some swirling, and can have several flavours incorporated in it, such as rose or saffron. Chashni or sugar syrup is used in many Indian sweets and desserts in varying consistencies such as one-thread, two-thread or three-thread consistency (1 tar-chasni, 2 tar-chasni or 3 tar-chasni). Its preparation involves boiling of water with sugar and stirring till the desired consistency is reached. For foods in which chashni needs to be absorbed, a thinner consistency called single thread syrup is used. Sweets that need sugar to set use two thread syrup, which is obtained by boiling and stirring for a longer time. Three thread syrup is used in making Indian ground sugar.

Gulab Jamun2.jpg
Gulab Jamuns in chashni
Place of originIndia


The word originates from Persian, in which it means taste, or flavour.[1]

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