Charmaine Fong

Charmaine Fong (Chinese: 方皓玟) is a Hong Kong Cantopop singer-songwriter and film actress.

Charmaine Fong
方皓玟 (2).jpg
Interview with am730
Ng Ka Yan 吳嘉欣

(1980-05-01) 1 May 1980 (age 41)
Hong Kong
NationalityHong Kong SAR
OccupationSinger-songwriter, actress
Spouse(s)Shingo Yasuda (m.2017)
ChildrenLuca Yasuda (b.2018)
Charmaine Fong Ho-Man
Ng Ka Yan
Traditional Chinese吳嘉欣
Simplified Chinese吴嘉欣

In 2019, Fong released a new song "Explicit Comment (人話)" which she composed. [1] Its lyrics expressed her stance toward the anti-government protests explicitly. The music video of the song, made up of protest footage and scenes of police brutality, was highly popular upon release, the number of views exceeded 400 thousand by the second day of release.[2] As it was rare for public figures to voice out their stance and opinions on political issues, citizens that support the social movement praised Fong as a true singer for Hong Kong. At the same time, there were a lot of netizens who disagree with the act of protestors commenting hate speeches under her MV claiming that she was a rioter and trying to promote Hong Kong independence.[3]



  • (2002) Do You Know
  • (2003) Dreamcatcher (梦的捕手)
  • (2006) Welcome (歡迎光臨)
  • (2009) Unlock Me
  • (2011) Charmaine Fong New + Best Selection (方皓玟 (新曲+精選)
  • (2011) Dun U Dare (EP)
  • (2014) 404 Not Found
  • (2017) My Spiritual Life
  • (2017) LOST n FOUND


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