Charlottenborg Spring Exhibition

The Charlottenborg Spring Exhibition (Charlottenborg Forårsudstilling) is an annual art exhibition in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Kunsthall Charlottenborg

The event is held at the Charlottenborg Exhibition Building (Kunsthal Charlottenborg). Kunsthal Charlottenborg was erected in the former site of the Botanical Garden on a tract of land behind Charlottenborg Palace. The exhibition building was designed by architects Albert Jensen (1847–1913) and Ferdinand Meldahl (1827–1908) and inaugurated in 1883. [1][2]

Charlottenborg Spring Exhibition has been held annually since 1857 and originated as an exhibition showing new works by Danish artists. Today the event includes participants from many countries and is one of the most important open submission exhibitions in northern Europe. It is organised by the Charlottenborg Foundation (Charlottenborg Fonden). [3][4][5]

In 2007 the 150th anniversary of the exhibition was celebrated between 17 March and 9 April, and a book was published about the exhibition as an institution in Danish artistic culture.[6]

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