Charlotte’s Necklace

Charlotte’s Necklace (Russian: Колье Шарлотты, romanizedKol'e Sharlotty) is a 1984 Soviet detective film directed by Yevgeny Tatarsky. Screen version of the novel by Anatoly Romov Customs Inspection.[3]

Charlotte’s Necklace
Charlotte’s Necklace.jpg
Directed byYevgeny Tatarsky
Produced byIgor Vizgin
Written byArthur Makarov
Anatoly Romov
StarringKirill Lavrov
Vadim Ledogorov
Yury Kuznetsov
Music byAlexander Zhurbin[1]
CinematographyYuri Veksler
Edited byTamara Guseva
Release date
  • December 17, 1984 (1984-12-17)
Running time
209 min.[2]


Officers of KGB, experienced Colonel Seryogin and a young agent Pavlov, are investigating the murder of a fartsovshchik Viktor Korablyov. The investigation brings them to the trail of a criminal group that transports valuable works of jewelry abroad.

A duel with experienced and cunning criminals turns out to be a serious test for security officers. It turns out that the murder of Korablev is associated with an attempt to secretly export the famous antique piece known as the Charlotte Necklace abroad.[4]


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